Cat mom necklace, cats, whimsical jewelry, cat lover jewelry

Cat mom necklace, cats, whimsical jewelry, cat lover jewelry


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The perfect Whimsical necklace for the perfect CAT MOM! Available on a gold tone or silver tone necklace. Silver is 18”, gold in 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”.

Can be customized to say anything you’d like.

While the materials are simple, it does take time to make. Price includes time to make.

a pet parent, you hold a special place in your furry friend's heart. Your role goes beyond providing food, water, and shelter. You are their companion, their protector, and their source of love and comfort. From the wag of their tail to the purr of contentment, every interaction with your pet deepens the bond between you.

Being a pet parent means understanding their needs, whether it's a scratch behind the ears, a game of fetch, or simply being there to cuddle during a thunderstorm. Your presence is enough to bring them joy and security. The unconditional love they offer in return is a priceless gift that enriches your life in ways words cannot fully express.

Embrace the title of pet parent with pride, for it signifies the commitment and dedication you have to your beloved companion. Cherish each moment spent together, for these memories will last a lifetime and beyond. Your role as a pet parent is a noble one, filled with endless rewards of loyalty, friendship, and unwavering devotion.